Wind characteristics and wind energy assessment in the Barents Sea based on ERA-Interim reanalysis

Chenglin Duan, Zhifeng Wang, Sheng Dong, Zhenkun Liao

Spatial distributions of annual average wind speed at 10 m

Paper category: Original research paper
Corresponding author: Zhifeng Wang (
DOI: 10.1515/ohs-2018-0039
Received: February 2, 2018
Accepted: April 26, 2018
Full text: here

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The basic analysis of long-term wind characteristics and wind energy resources in the Barents Sea was carried out from 1996 to 2015 based on the ERA-Interim reanalysis dataset from ECMWF. In recent years, it has been possible to exploit the wind power resources in the Barents Sea at the hub height due to the sea ice cover retreat in the northeast direction. Based on the NSDIC monthly sea ice concentration data, the entire Barents Sea has been partitioned into the ice-free zone and the ice zone. Spatial and temporal distributions of the mean monthly and annual wind speed and wind power density are presented in both zones. Seven points were selected at different locations in the ice-free zone so as to obtain and study the wind roses, the interannual wind power variation and the annual average net electric energy output. For extreme wind speed parameters, the Pearson type III distribution provides better fitness of annual speed extrema and the Gumbel distribution performs well with higher speeds at longer return periods.


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