Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies
Institute of Oceanography, University of Gdańsk;
al. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 46 pok. 102;
81-378 Gdynia;
phone: +48 (58) 523 66 12


Marcin Pliński, Prof.

Responsible for the whole of the journal. He directs the entire editorial office from the substantive side and is responsible for the shape and content of the journal. Guides the work of the Editorial Board team, being responsible for their appointment and dismissal.

Editorial Chief

Grzegorz Kozłowski, Msc.

Supervision of the substantive and formal aspects of the publication providing materials for particular issues in cooperation with the Editorial Secretary and Editor-in-Chief, determination of the substantive content of the journal, preparation of a work schedule for individual volumes, control of project implementation, coordination of the work of the Editors, Correctors and Graphic Designers, DTP.

Editorial Secretary

Marzena Płatek, Msc.

Administration and editorial organization. Contact with authors and reviewers. Controlling the work of editors and reviewers, exchanging correspondence, regulating the flow of information in the editorial office.


Ewa Kaźmierczak, Dr.

Language corrections.


D.Sc. Waldemar Surosz

University of Gdańsk, Poland

D.Sc. Magdalena Bełdowska

University of Gdańsk, Poland

D.Sc. Witold Cieślikiewcz

University of Gdańsk, Poland

D.Sc. Konrad Ocalewicz

University of Gdańsk, Poland

D.Sc. Agnieszka Pociecha

Institute of Nature Conservation PAS, Poland

D.Sc. Adam Sokołowski

University of Gdańsk, Poland

D.Sc. Małgorzata Witak

University of Gdańsk, Poland


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